About Us

FIBERFORM PRECAST is one of Turkey's leading manufacturers and suppliers of glass reinforced concrete (GRC) and fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP).

All our design, manufacturing and testing activities are carried out in accordance with international standards  ISO  9001 (Quality Management Systems), Membership of GlassFibre Reinforced Concrete (GRCA ), Independent certification by Turkish Standards Institute (TSE ) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001).

We have the largest capacity for the GRC and FRP production of bespoke architectural cladding, more than any other Turkish manufacturer, and with a justified reputation of being able to undertake even the most complex of facade projects.

We present architects and engineers with a material from which the most ambitious designs can be created. It can be moulded to form modern futuristic designs or to replicate traditional historic features, such as fascia moldings, cornices , ceiling panels , capitals, bases, special textured coverings, composite columns, mosaic mirrors, brackets, window surrounds, stair railings, balusters, chimney hoods, window and door trims, domes, decorative ornaments, mosaic panels, flower pots, sculptures, security barriers, fire places and artistic objects.

In building projects such as leisure facilities, urban renewals and municipal schemes, ever increasing attention is being focused on the built environment. Each project is individually managed through a single contact point supported by a team. Our architects and engineers play a major role within our team.

Customer satisfaction is our absolute priority through a policy of providing the highest quality of product supported by an uncompromising approach to customer service. 


Facade applications at international level to be exemplary, and work with symbolic projects within the world.

To operate domestically and internationally.

To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction

Each year, to take positive steps to develop new insights on behalf of institutionalization.


Every city has symbolic structures. These structures have been successful in standing from the past to present, and into the future. Fiberform Precast has been producing GRC and FRP products for many years without limits on design.

Shaping the future together, you imagine your dream and let Fiberform make it real.

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